Our areas of expertise



Our law firm has extensive experience in IP and commercial litigation.

We successfully assist our clients in all types of intellectual and industrial property-related disputes (that is to say, in connection with patents and utility models, know-how and trade secrets, trademarks and distinctive signs, designs, copyright and related rights, and software) before all the Italian Specialised Courts for commercial matters which have exclusive jurisdiction in Italy for this kind of litigation, as well as before the Italian Supreme Court and in arbitration proceedings.

We have gained in particular significant experience in pharmaceutical and patent litigation, as well as in software and trade secret-related litigation. Our law firm is regularly involved in industrial and intellectual property-related multi-jurisdictional disputes, directly providing assistance to clients in Italy and coordinating the activities of those lawyers with whom we work in foreign jurisdictions.

We also regularly represent our clients in disputes concerning trademarks and designs, as well as in civil and criminal proceedings brought before the Italian courts and European and Italian administrative offices (e.g. the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the Italian Intellectual Property Office), both in first instance and in the subsequent appeals proceedings.

With regard to domain names, we assist our clients in reassignment procedures, both at national and international levels (e.g. ccTLDs and gTLDs).

Our law firm regularly assists clients in unfair competition, unfair commercial practices, advertising and consumer law-related disputes.

Furthermore, we represent our customers before the ordinary courts and other authorities, and in particular, the Italian Competition Authority, as well as before self-regulatory bodies such as, for example, the Italian Advertising Standards Authority.



Contracts and Consultancy

Our law firm regularly assists clients in drafting and negotiating complex agreements, particularly those dealing with industrial and intellectual property rights, including agreements assigning and/or licensing industrial and intellectual property rights, co-ownership agreements regulating jointly owned trademarks and patents, non disclosure agreements, development and technology transfer agreements, agreements with authors, designers and inventors, distribution and franchising agreements, merchandising, co-marketing and co-branding agreements, and subcontracting and procurement agreements in high-tech sectors and high specialised sectors, as well as advertising agreements and non-competition agreements.

Our law firm offers strategic and commercial advice and assistance in connection with the development and exploitation of intellectual and industrial property rights, which includes providing legal assistance in relation to the management of trademark and design portfolios.

We also provide ongoing advice and assistance to many of our clients in legal matters that are connected with intellectual property rights, IT, advertising (e.g. sponsorship, media buying advertising campaigns and testimonials), information technology law and competition law, as well as international and commercial contracts.

Our law firm regularly provides consulting services in the IT sector. We prepare and negotiate, for example, software development agreements, licenses, maintenance agreements, system integration agreements and “cloud” service agreements (e.g. IaaS, Paas, SaaS), escrow agreements and outsourcing agreements. Furthermore, we provide, on an ongoing basis, advice and assistance in connection with compliance with personal data protection legislation.

With specific regard to internet and e-commerce, we provide legal assistance in relation to a large number of matters which range from personal data protection to content management and online copyright protection, from legislation governing electronic commerce, on-line gaming and competitions to issues arising from domain names, and from ISP liability to social network-related legal issues.

Our law firm carries out due diligence and provides legal assistance in connection with IP asset-related M&A transactions and so-called Patent Box.

We also provide, with a view to marketing pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical and phytosanitary products, advice to our clients about what regulatory strategies should be adopted.


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