Our experience


Litigation - IP, Trademarks, Design, Copyright and Unfair Competition

Our firm assists renowned Italian and foreign companies operating internationally in disputes concerning trademarks, design, copyright and unfair competition.

Our firm has recently dealt with the following cases:

Representing a leading world-renowned fresh pasta producer in a series of disputes concerning the protection of its packaging

Defending leading Italian electronics manufacturers in disputes dealing with the infringement of European designs and the slavish imitation thereof

Defending a low-cost flight operator before the Italian Antitrust Authority in connection with alleged unfair commercial practices

Representing a Canadian corporate group in a dispute concerning the filing of a trademark in bad faith by an Italian competitor

Assisting a leading world-renowned British provider of training services in protecting the copyright on its courses and teaching materials and database vis-à-vis a former Italian licensee

Defending a leading Italian mineral water producer in a dispute concerning the alleged infringement of the copyright on a fictional character

Representing a famous champagne producer in a dispute concerning a sparkling wine producer’s imitation of its bottles

Defending an Italian publishing company in proceedings dealing with the alleged violation of its rights to the magazine title and trade dress

Assisting a luxury eyewear manufacturer in a design and unfair competition-related dispute against an Italian competitor

Representing a Swiss textile certifying body in a dispute concerning the infringement of a famous quality trademark

Litigation - Patents, know-how, software and IT

One of our firm’s leading specialisations consists in providing legal assistance in connection with patent, know-how, software and IT-related litigation to a solid core of clients that are also well known at international level.

Recent experiences:

Representing a pharmaceutical multinational in a dispute against a US competitor in connection with a patent protecting an anticancer drug

Assisting a leading world-renowned French thin paper manufacturer in a dispute against a competitor concerning machinery that had been patented by the former

Providing ongoing assistance to a multinational group, which is a leading world-renowned software producer, in civil and criminal proceedings relating to anti-piracy

Defending an Italian financial services company in legal proceedings concerning the alleged appropriation of trade secrets

Assisting a multinational pharmaceutical company in an international dispute against a US competitor concerning a patent for one of the world’s best-selling biological pharmaceutical products

Defending a company operating in the building materials industry in multi-jurisdictional disputes against the world’s largest fibre-cement producer

Representing an Italian biotech company in a dispute against a French company concerning the validity of a biotech patent

Assisting one of the major manufacturers of defence boats, yachts and pleasure boats in a dispute with a competitor about a patent protecting a stabilising fin



Contracts and consultancy: IP, Trademarks, Design, Copyright

The firm’s professionals have considerable experience in copyright, design and trade mark-related contracts and consultancy.

Recently, our law firm’s professionals have dealt with the following cases:

Drafting and negotiating an exclusive license agreement for a luxury brand for China and Southeast Asia

Preparing an agreement for the assignment of the trademark portfolio of a company in the technical clothing motorcycling sector

Drafting and negotiating license agreements for a leading Italian perfume manufacture

Providing continuous assistance to communication and talent agencies, as well as to companies operating in the fashion sector in connection with the drafting of contracts exploiting the rights to the image of globally recognized personalities and influencers

Providing legal advice in connection with the management of the trademark portfolios of leading Italian companies in various sectors (pharmaceutical, agribusiness, multimedia, engineering)

Contracts and consultancy: Patents, know-how and technology transfer – Regulatory

Our law firm provides consulting services to renowned Italian and foreign companies with a focus on patents, know-how, technology transfer and regulatory matters.

Recent experiences:

Providing ongoing assistance to a world-renowned leading Italian multinational glass primary packaging manufacturer, including drafting and negotiating development and technological cooperation agreements

Providing advice and assistance to a world-renowned leading Italian polymer manufacturer in drafting and negotiating an agreement for transferring technology to an international joint venture

Drafting and negotiating a cross-licence and transfer of know-how agreement as part of an extraordinary transaction between two leading companies in the aerospace sector

Providing assistance to an Italian biomedical product manufacturer in drafting a regulation governing jointly-owned patents and know-how to be executed with a US company

Drafting and negotiating patent and/or know-how licence agreements on behalf of an Italian company operating in the biomedical sector that were to be executed with a Swiss licensee

Providing advice to an engine design company in connection with a regulation governing the cooperation and joint development activities with another manufacturer for a new range of electric vehicles

Providing regulatory assistance with regard to pharmaceutical, phytosanitary and food products for special medical purposes       

Contracts and consultancy: IT, software, data protection, e-commerce

Our firm provides out-of-court assistance to renowned Italian and foreign companies, with a focus on software, personal data protection, electronic commerce and IT in general.

Recent experiences:

Drafting and negotiating a software development contract between an Italian company and one of the world’s largest producers in the food and beverage sector      

Drafting software license contracts, as well as software development and escrow agreements for a company that sells management programs to optical stores

Providing ongoing assistance to the Italian branch of an American multinational operating in the software sector

Providing ongoing assistance to an Italian multinational operating in the online gaming sector

Providing legal advice to an Italian company in relation to the launch of its social content network

Providing ongoing assistance for compliance with the GDPR and the Italian legislation on the personal data protection to various Italian and multinational companies, including with regard to complex issues concerning the transfer of personal data to countries outside Europe