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Professional activity

Since the beginning of his career, Ruggiero has dedicated himself exclusively to substantive and procedural administrative law. He has a consolidated experience in public contracts, public services and public companies, as well as environmental, urban planning and construction law, transport law, cultural heritage and landscape law. He also deals with issues arising from the interaction of public procurement sector and industrial property rights.

He provides assistance to clients with regard to urban planning and building sector calls for tenders, specifications, regulations and procedures, as well as with regard to local public service permits and licences, and contributions and funding for industry and businesses.


Training , career and professional qualifications

After having graduated from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, he practiced law from 1994 to 2003 at the Sanino Law Firm in Rome. He won in 2003 the competition for administrative law researcher at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and in 2007 he won the competition for associate professor at the University of Molise.

After having been awarded the national scientific qualification, he became in 2016 an Administrative Law Professor with Tenure at the University of Molise.

Associations, teaching activities, publications

He is the author of numerous publications in Italian and English that deal with substantive and procedural administrative law.
He holds the Chair for Public Contracts, Public Works Legislation and Tourism Law at the University of Molise. He teaches administrative law and administrative procedural law at the said University’s graduate law school. He holds the Chair for Administrative Law and Public Accounting at the Carabinieri Officers’ School located in Rome.

He has completed various Master’s and Training courses on public contracts, anti-corruption, urban planning law and environmental law. 

He is a member of AIPDA (the Italian Association of Administrative Law Professors) and AiDU (the Italian Urban Planning Law Association). He is a founding member of Aidambiente (the Italian Association of Environmental Law Scholars).

He is a co-editor of the magazine “Transport law and policy” .